A Mindful Moment

A Mindful Moment


Welcome everybody to this mindful moment.

I would like to share a moment with you about being mindful and becoming mindful.

Mindfulness is almost a buzzword that we hear around anxiety, around meditation, in lots of different ways, but today I want to share with you, what mindfulness means to me.

Mindfulness is about becoming present to this moment of now, really beginning to let go. To lay down all of the stories and all of the emotions that you might feel are swirling around you, or feel like you’re sinking into, and just becoming present to this moment of now.

It really is a beautiful way to begin to create some space in our lives and thoughts. To create space in the stories, in the dramas, in the emotions, in the pain, in the angst or in the anxieties of life.

Our brains are always thinking, analysing and deciding what to do next. It will reference the past, possible future and this moment to know how to respond in the best possible way to keep you safe. 

On this brainwave chart, you’ll see that our brain is always moving, always thinking, always doing, always planning for the next thing, thinking about the past, predicting the future, it’s always moving. These brain movements is what we need in our everyday life to motivates us, move us, allows us to think, allows us to be present, allows us to create, to explore, to live life, but the problem is when we have so much movement in our mind, in our thoughts, that we don’t have any leftover space to be present and to see a new perspective.

Our brains are busy, busy with little moments of space, of stillness, of moments of quiet. It is in these moments that we can actually just be present to this moment. We get caught up in our thoughts, in the next thing, in the past, in the future, in whatever that may look like. 

When we become mindful of this present moment, we create space and stillness within our brains.

I talk a lot about becoming mindful when I’m working with teenagers, clients and within my Intuitive Meditation Teacher Trainings. Mindfulness invites in a sense of calm, peace and connectedness to our inner world.

It starts simply with making the choice to be still.

Starting with a physical stillness to our body, which will signal to our minds that we want to be still and quiet in this moment.  Then the stillness in our thoughts as we become mindful of this moment, right NOW.

Let’s do this together now…

I invite you to find that physical stillness in whatever way feels comfortable for you. Maybe that might be sitting on a chair or lying down, whatever that may look like, finding comfort within that stillness is really important.  Don’t try and do some crazy Instagram image of a meditation seat, find your comfort in your stillness. This comfort is really important because we find comfort within our body, we’re able to let go of our body. Otherwise, we start to focus on our body, on our legs going to sleep, or feeling uncomfortable, or feeling cold or hot.

Finding comfort brings comfort into your practice. Nurture yourself in this way.  

Once your body has become still and quiet, then I simply might even just take in few deep breaths.

Let’s do this together now, I invite you to close down your eyes. Now just take in a deep breath, and just letting it out with a sigh, letting it go. Now another breath just the same with another sigh. Now allow your breath to just settle, finding your own natural rhythm for a moment.

Now when you are ready, open your eyes. Find something around you, it might be something in nature, mother earth, or it might even be something in your room, or the space in which you sit, it could be a chair. Just bring your attention to one thing, one thing that you can focus on that you can explore, that you can look at with depth. Now, allow your mind to settle as it just begins to focus on that one thing.

I myself am looking at a chair in my room, noticing its colour, noticing the different textures, the different angles, and becoming still. If your mind wanders away from what you’re focusing on, just make that magic choice to come back. Here it’s important to note that we’re not doing this for any particular reason to find something out about this chair or whatever it is you’re focusing on, it is just simply to observe, to notice. Notice what you notice about what you are looking at, your one thing. Spending a moment just lingering here for because you can.

When you’re ready just taking in one of those deep breaths again, coming back into this moment.

Now take an extra moment here, feeling this beautiful mindful energy wash over you, this stillness, this space that you have chosen to create for yourself. This space that is always available to you away from the emotion, away from the swirl of the stories. It is the dropping down into this moment. The choice to be here in this moment.

From this practice you can see that it only takes a couple of minutes, it didn’t take hours or there wasn’t anything fancy or anything that you needed to do.  No excuses are needed.

Simply finding stillness in your body and then finding stillness in your mind by focusing on one thing around you.

Go off into your day now and enjoy the rest of your day from this space that you have created. From this space in your body, in your mind, in your soul, in your heart that you have created. Create from this space, dwell from this space today!

Thank you very much for sharing this with me.




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