As1Heart Podcast – Episode 22 feat. Jacque Mooney

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 22 feat. Jacque Mooney

Jacque-Mooney Ep 22

“Any moment can define you; the beauty is you get to choose which one.”

Jacque Mooney loves that Kinesiology continues to inspire her to learn more and explore this passion. Jacque was born in British Columbia, Canada where she studied Education at University of Victoria, prior to moving to Australia in 1977. Jacque transitioned to the Travel and Tourism industry, where she subsequently spent 10 years which led to her instructing in Travel and Tourism at Sydney TAFE.

After moving to Melbourne in 1990, Jacque worked through a bereavement hospital as a grief counsellor, where she found her calling which was to assist people in a state of chaos or transition.

In 1992, Jacque was introduced to Charles Krebs (PhD) who developed the LEAP Brain Integration Program in Kinesiology, by a mutual friend, which inspired her to study the field of Kinesiology. Jacque was particularly interested in working and helping children with learning difficulties using Kinesiology which was the field of Dr Krebs’ speciality. Jacque completed a two-year integrated program with Dr Krebs and later on, a further 2 years to obtain a diploma in Health Sciences in Holistic Kinesiology. Jacque has studied extensively and worked closely with Dr. Charles Krebs since 1993 both in private practice and as an Instructor and Instructor trainer of the LEAP Brain Integration Program.

In addition to Kinesiology, Jacque has studied energetic modalities including Bowen, NOT (Neural Organisation Technique) and NST (Neural Structural Integration Technique).

Jacque is the Australian Faculty Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Applied Physiology, including Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain, LEAP Brain Integration 1-7 Workshops, Simply the Brain (STB) and Stress Indicator Points (SIPS 1). Jacque is the Developer, Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Simply the Brain Workshops and is an International Presenter and Instructor teaching courses in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Bali, and more recently, online.

Jacque Mooney has been a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner in Kinesiology and other related modalities. She operates her own clinic in Melbourne, Australia. As well as balancing physical and emotional stresses, Jacque specialises in working with the brain, learning problems and overall performance enhancement and has considerable experience resolving issuesfor men, women and children.

Jacque helps people achieve their wellness goals so they can live every moment as if it’s the best moment of their lives.

As an instructor, Jacque teaches people how to achieve their goals of helping others as well as helping them to become balanced themselves, providing the best possible experience for her clients and students.

Jacque is also an active Board Member of the Australian Kinesiology Course Accreditation Board as well as a member of the AKA and ATMS.

This is a beautiful conversation with Jacque, she shares with us her personal journey with Kinesiology, LEAP and then onto developing Simply The Brain. She talks about her passion and fascination about the brain which is truly inspiring to listen to! Even sharing with us her most fascinating area of the brain!

Jacque reminds us to TRUST that we have everything that we need right now. We know enough and are enough right now! She suggests leaning into this by becoming present to this moment and opening our hearts.

Jacque shines a light that our role as a Kinesiologist is not to ‘fix’ our clients, fixing is simply not our job. Our role is walk beside our clients, support them, hear them and clear their energy systems so they can make better choices in life. Jacque uses the example here that Jesus did not fix anyone by knowing a specific format, he placed his hands on his heart to connect into love and compassion as he walked beside others.

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“This podcast is a safe place where we come together as one to share, grow and learn with one another. Here we enter our heart-space together in love, truth and acceptance for all!”





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