Compassion and Curiosity

Compassion and Curiosity

Compassion and Curiosity


Today I want to spend a moment with you exploring compassion and curiosity.

Here I will be leaning into the Goddess Quan Yin as she is known for her compassion and her curiosity.

Let’s first explore curiosity.

Curiosity invites a new perspective into what we’re going through. This might be an emotion, a story, a drama, or a life event that we are experiencing in our lives. Curiosity gives us the opportunity to look with innocent eyes, to see with a freshness, with a newness of something that we may perceive as a problem.

When we look at something with new eyes, with curious eyes, we see it differently. We get to see it from a unique perspective, a new point of view. This helps us to move through what’s going on, to be able to allow in a new approach, a new understanding with curiosity.

Now let’s explore the word compassion. 

Compassion is a space of the heart!  It is the space of kindness, gentleness and nurture.  When we look at something with the eyes of compassion, with that gentleness and the nurture, we begin to let go of the stories, let go of the words that we have associated with it and most importantly we let go of the judgments that we place on it. When we place a judgment on something that’s going on it adds more attachment to it, more depth and more hold to what is happening. We then are judging and perceiving it to be good, bad, attached to something in the past, or maybe in the future.

To lean into compassionate curiosity, is opening up a new perspective and a new idea, a new image of what you could be working with and looking at in that space from a gentle and nurturing space for ourselves and everyone involved.

In all of my teachings I lean into this practice of compassionate curiosity and use the Goddess Quan Yin as our guardian for our time within the container of learning. Often Intuitive Meditations are a new way of working with clients and ourselves, activating personal issues within us. So, I always invite all of my students to lean into their own compassion and curiosity, of what can be coming up and what they are moving through.

Of course, I lean into compassionate curiosity in my everyday life as well.  This shows up by me asking myself what I would say to my best friend, or my daughter, or my sister, or my mother, or someone close to me – what advice would I give them about what I am going through in this moment.

Recently with a beautiful client who was stuck in stories, and so many real stories, so many layers, and so much stuff with examples and reasons of why she could not let these go. But when I suggested this technique to her to think about what she would say to her daughter, what would she say to her daughter now if she came to you and said the exact things that you are saying to me now. Such a simple yet profound question! And it changed, it changed everything in the way that she approached the same story. It invited in a lightness. Her response changed to self-compassion away from self-judgment.

Maybe you could ask yourself the same questions… “what I would say to my best friend, or my daughter, or my sister, or my mother, or someone close to me – what advice would I give them about what I am going through in this moment”.

The answer to this question is always the perfect advice that you need to receive and invite into your life right NOW!

Play with this, explore this, in your everyday life.

I’d love to hear how you go with it so please let me know.

Enjoy, and take a moment now to lean into your own compassion and curiosity for yourself, for others around you, and for the world.

Thank you for sharing this with me.



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