Intuitive Meditation for Kinesiology

Intuitive Meditation for Kinesiology

is an 8-week online course to take your client sessions to the next level with Intuitive Meditation. This is also a transformative experience for you as a practitioner.
Debbie · October 3, 2020

This course is NOW available for enrolment.
We begin on the 20th July 2021 at 11am (AEST).
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Course Overview​


 This is  an online course will run each week, for 8 weeks.    The course modules will delve into…

  • Understanding how Kinesiology and Intuitive Meditation work together
  • Learning the Finger Mode to actually incorporate Intuitive Meditation into your Kinesiology sessions
  • Exploring the basic 5 Principles of Intuitive Meditation
  • You will receive 15+ Standard Intuitive Meditations that you can start using in your clinic straight away, these focus on pain management, stress, chakras, inner child, forgiveness, heart connection, emotional release and more
  • Learning the importance of meditation in your own daily life to be fully present and energetically cleared for your clients

Why this course?


This course is fully accredited with the AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) for 16 hours of CPE. It holds many benefits for you and your clients:

For You

  • Learn the theory and scientific research behind Intuitive Meditations and why they are essential for your clients
  • Learn how to create your own Intuitive Meditations for your clients
  • Explore and commit to your own journey of Intuitive Meditation, to keep your own energies cleared and aligned
  • Learn how you can use muscle testing to create tailored Meditations for your client

For Your Clients

  • Give your clients the opportunity to take on complete self-responsibility for themselves, by listening to their own inner knowing / intuition
  • Allow your clients to experience a deeper subconscious connection
    to create a space that allows the client to return to their own love and highest good within
  • Take your clients into a complete space of release for their body, mind, and soul

Course structure and content


Each week you will receive a written module emailed to you, daily meditations for you to use within your own devotional practice and scripted Intuitive Meditations that you can use with your clients all with full support and guidance from Debbie.

During the live modules, you will have the opportunity to practice and also ask any questions.

The course consists of 8  modules, exploring one module per week (8 week course):

  • Understanding how and why Intuitive Meditation works with Kinesiology
  • Learning what is Intuition and how to open yourself up to your own intuitive knowing
  • Delving into Heart Intelligence as we learn to understand and listen to our unique heart’s truth, this is based on HeartMath Institute research
  • Experience a Heart Connection Intuitive Meditation
  • Learn the essential 5 Principles of Intuitive Meditation, giving you the structure to work with your clients
  • How can you become a congruent and confident practitioner
  • Answering all those common questions our clients say about they cannot meditate
  • Experience a beautiful Intuitive Meditation.
  • The Importance of Breath
  • Learn many different breathing techniques
  • Discussion of love vs fear to explore our own fears as a practitioner and what I holding us back from fully serving our clients and ourselves
  • What does ‘Spiritual Sight’ mean
  • Experience another Intuitive Meditation.
  • Learn the Meditation for Kinesiology Protocol
  • Understand how our clients intuitive knowing is opened up from these Meditations
  • Learn how to work with clients who resist Intuitive Meditations
  • You will begin working with Standard Intuitive Meditation here, specifically Grounding, Pain & Emotional Release Intuitive Meditations
  • Experience another powerful Intuitive Meditation this week.
  • We dive deep into Forgiveness, learning here a specific and power-full Intuitive Meditation to step into forgiveness for your clients
  • Step into the power-full forgiveness practice for yourself
  • You will receive more Standard Intuitive Meditations for you to use with your clients (and yourself), specifically Letting Go and Flow of Life Intuitive Meditation
  • Experience another beautiful Intuitive Meditation.
  • Exploring the seven major Chakras, based on Caroline Myss’ work and the yogic principles
  • Feeling into these energy centres within our own bodies
  • You will receive more Standard Intuitive Meditations for you to use with your clients (and yourself), specifically Cutting Ties and Life
  • Experience Intuitive Meditation
    Experience a Chakra Intuitive Meditation.
  • Here we get creative and learn how to create your own Intuitive Meditations for your clients (and yourself)
  • You will learn how to speak an Intuitive Meditation without scripts or words, there will also be opportunities for you to practice this new skill in a safe and supportive environment
  • Your Creative Intuitive Meditation Assessment will also be handed out this week for you to complete
  • You will receive even more Standard Intuitive Meditations for you to use with your clients (and yourself), specifically Courage & Strength and Younger Self Guidance Intuitive Meditation
  • Experience a power-full Intuitive Meditation this week.
  •  This module brings everything together with a beautiful focus on self-devotion
  • Learn how to create your own rituals to keep yourself cleared and aligned when seeing clients
  • This week will give you the tools to move away from feeling “not good enough” in your practice and step into a space of alignment with your higher self to feel complete and at peace as a practitioner
  • Business alignment and business structure is also focused on in this model, giving you practical tips to use in your own business
  • You will continue to receive extra Standard Intuitive Meditations for you to use with your clients (and of course yourself)
  • Experience an opportunity to create intentions moving forward as an aligned and confident practitioner.

Course Inclusions and Extras

  • 8 weekly online live modules via zoom (recorded)
  • Bi-monthly Intuitive Meditation for Kinesiology Circles, where we join together to practice our Intuitive Meditation skills and deepen into our own intuition
  • Unlimited mentoring by Debbie Rossi for the duration of the course
  • 8 written modules for you to immerse yourself in and keep as a learning tool
  • A variety of standard Meditations scripts that you can use with your clients in your Kinesiology sessions
  • Meditation for Kinesiology Protocol for you to use during your Kinesiology sessions
  • Opportunities to ask any questions during the weekly online calls
  • Create your own daily rituals to keep yourself aligned and cleared
  • Access to a private Facebook Group to connect with other Kinesiologists, where we can share and grow our Meditation practices for ourselves and our Kinesiology clients.

Students ratings of this course




Each week’s module will be recorded for you to watch at any time that is suitable to you. You can watch the recording as many times as you like.

Each week you will be required to watch the 1-hour video plus read the relevant written module plus practice the techniques. This will require a 2-3 hour commitment each week.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can use for your continued professional development.

Yes, this course can be done at any time during your training. This is a valuable added bonus course to enrich your Kinesiology balances.

Yes, this course uses a variety of Meditation practices and is focused on how to incorporate Meditation into your Kinesiology sessions.

Each week you will log into ZOOM (the link will be provided to you upon registration). I will meet you online to run the course and then you will have the opportunity to ask any questions at the end of the zoom call. All you need is a computer or smartphone, which has video and audio functions.

Absolutely yes, Debbie will be available to you via email during the duration of the course to ask any questions. You will also have the opportunity at the end of each weekly call to ask questions.

This course is a great way to add value to yourself and your clients. Meditation allows our clients to delve deeper into their subconscious programming and also to release emotional blockages.

These meditations can be recorded during a Kinesiology session and then either given to your clients as an added bonus for their homework, or if you prefer you can charge your clients for these Meditations to use at home.

The course will run from the 15th April 2020 for 8 weeks. It will be from 9am until 10am (AEST) each Wednesday. Maximum numbers for each intake is 10 participants, so please let me know via email
([email protected]) if you prefer another timeslot which will be advised once the intake is reached.

All payments need to completed before the beginning of the course via my online payment system.

About Instructor


I am Debbie and I am committed to my heart and your heart! To commit and lead from our heart in our lives offers us a life of love, understanding, peace and acceptance.

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