Every SINGLE Day!

Every SINGLE Day!

Single day

I believe that there is no-one or no-thing or no-modality that can ‘heal’ us. It has to be an inside job!

All change and ‘healing’ needs to start and come from within ourselves.

For years I was on the merry-go-round of trying to get the golden answer to help me feel happier and calmer. To find that elusive inner peace! I searched through many different modalities and ‘healers’, yet it never stuck or made the long-term change I was desperate for. I would always be good for a little while as I did the treatment, but I would always slip back. Slowly sometimes but always surely.

The reason why these outside ‘healing’ activities would never work is because they were always OUTSIDE of me.

It has to be an INSIDE job.

But how does this INSIDE work occur I can hear you thinking… well it really is in the simplest moment of life – the stillness and the silence of life.

Your silence and stillness within, away from all the noise surrounds you.

You don’t need any thing or any special space to do this. All you need is to close down your eyes and connect into your world within (where all your wisdom lies in your own intuition).

We often try to complicate this with so many outside influences and things to give us this space within, but the reality is that these end up just being distractions and excuses to what really lies within – your wisdom (where all the gold lies).

In the silence, stillness and the solitude I meet myself as I truly am, and I surrender to my infinite truth.

– Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Now let me make this clear I am not suggesting that you spend the next 5 minutes today in silence and stillness and all your problems will be solved! To see the change and be the change you need to show up to your silence and stillness practice every day. Every single day! Even on those days when you feel like crap and want to sit in your woundology (as Caroline Myss teaches us). And yes, even on those days when you feel fabulous and like life is flowing with joy around you. Every single day.

This is the crucial piece to the puzzle that most people forget and resist to do. Your self-consistency to show up to your silence and stillness regardless of what is happening in the world around you!

With silence, stillness and self-consistency you can lead yourself to a place of understanding and acceptance to see your world through loving eyes. This will also naturally allow you to be the light for others as you become the demonstration which leads them to see their own light, the light of their own love!

Remember there is no need to complicate this. Come back to the simplicity here, where you close down your eyes to find stillness, silence and self-consistency every single day.

For me, this looks like waking up at 5:30am every day (even on the weekends, when I really want to hit that snooze button) to meditate, either in a formal guided meditation, self-guided meditation, breath work or even just sitting in the quiet of my mind. I encourage you to find a routine and rhythm that works for you and one that you can commit to – every single day! This needs to be unique to you and not one that your friend or ‘healer’ has told you to do, one that fits you perfectly.

This is where all the change and ‘healing’ occurs.







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