Fear vs Faith

Fear vs Faith

Today I wanted to share a little moment with fear versus faith.

Fear can be intoxicating, it can be restrictive, it can keep you in your stories, in your words, in your emotions, in it all. And on the other hand, faith can also be intoxicating, yet faith can also lead you to a space of openness, a space of expansion.

In our everyday life we will ride a wave between both…faith and fear!

Our fears will arrive in amongst our life, and yet so does our thread of faith.

Fears are here to teach us, to help us on our journey, just as faith is.

Sometimes we wish fears away and we wish them to be something different, but what if rather than wishing your fear away, you actually just sat with it? You sat with your fear and just began to become curious about what that fear means, what it is, and how it is showing up in your life.

For me, often fear is layered with old stories, thoughts and emotions that can bring about a full body response. But when I can begin to understand the fear, I can almost bring it out of the shadow to look at it clearly, to hear it clearly, and to understand it clearly. I can then begin to allow the fear to be heard, be witnessed, and become the observer of the fear.  The more that you become an observer of the fear, the more that your thread of faith will come through.

Sometimes faith is like a tiny little speck amongst the fear, and other times it is bigger, more attainable, more touchable, more real, more doable.

I invite you today to rather than feeling like something has gone wrong with your fear, maybe today just invite in a layer of curiosity and courage to begin to meet your fear. Listen, hear, understand what your fear is here to do, to show you. This invitation is maybe one that you wish to take or not.

Remember that our thread of faith is always, always there even in our darkest moments, we sometimes just can’t see it or we forget that it is there.

Slow it all down, slow down life, slow down the stories and spend a moment within.

How do you do slow down life?

Well for me personally it is taking myself into a meditation, into a moment with my journal, or maybe some tapping. To begin to explore and be curious with a real sense of compassion. A compassion for my journey, compassion for my fear, and compassion for where I am in this moment, in the humanness, the messiness of life. So take this moment with your journal or in meditation as you begin to explore.

A really good way to start off your journaling with fear is to just simply write at the top of the page… ‘Hello fear, I see you today and I welcome you in. What would you like to share with me today?’

Try it, what does your fear want to say to you today?

With a beautiful love and compassion for yourself always!

I am here if you need any help or have any questions.

Thank you.



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