Heart Activation Intuitive Mediation

Heart Activation Intuitive Mediation

Welcome and thank you for saying YES to your heart, through this Heart Activation intuitive Meditation.

Please enjoy this Intuitive Meditation.

This Intuitive Meditation goes for 15 minutes, so please find yourself in a comfortable space where you can sit and immerse yourself in the experience. Once you are finished, do not rush back to your everyday life. I invite you to take a moment with your journal to write down what you experienced and how you can honour this in your life today (and everyday)!

Here are a few questions that you might like to reflect upon in your writings…

  • What does your heart energy feel like? How can you describe this sensation of love and gratitude?
  • How can this energy / sensation guide you in life?
  • How can you land in your heart energy in your daily life? What does this look like? How do you act? What do you say?
  • What was your heart-gift that you received during the Intuitive Meditation? What does this represent to you in your life?
  • What does the wisdom of your heart wish to share with you?

Please remember that your heart energy of love and gratitude is always with you and always has been and always will be!

I invite you to allow this beautiful energy to become your prayer / energy / vibration that guides you in life.

If you are curious about exploring your heart energies further, please join me for more….


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