Intuitive Meditations

Intuitive Meditations

Intuitive Meditations

Today I would like to share with you what Intuitive Meditations are…

Intuitive Meditations are a space that we create for ourselves. It is a choice that we make to sit in meditation, to sit in the quiet and in the stillness of life. It is a dialogue, that we have with ourselves. 

Intuitive Meditations open up a space where we can have a conversation with ourselves in the stillness and quiet. Here we listen to our inner knowing, our inner voice, our gut instinct, our intuition, or whatever label you want to give this voice. We all have this beautiful gift, the voice within ourselves that is always guiding us, guiding us in our journey of life in whatever that may be that you are going through.

The first step of an Intuitive Meditation is the choice we make to sit in meditation. It is important to honour this choice that we make, as there are probably a million other things that you could be doing for that moment, but you have chosen to sit in an Intuitive Meditation.

Once we are here, we move into a breathing technique. This layer of a breathing technique allows our bodies and specifically our nervous system a chance and a moment to slow down. Here we begin to quieten down our minds and bodies as we begin to go into our inner world, within.

From here we then move our attention gently into our heart space. Our hearts are filled with joy, love, gratitude, compassion and acceptance.  When we dwell here in our heart space that we begin to ignite our feelings of love, compassion, gratitude and acceptance. This process is based on HeartMath Institute Research of the Heart, who have scientifically proven that when we dwell within these higher vibrational feelings, we are in fact raising our own vibration to attune to love, gratitude, compassion and acceptance.

So far, we have made a logical choice to be in Meditation, then we have layered it with a breathing technique to quieten down the mind and our nervous system. This creates the space within our bodies and minds for the beautiful sensation and feeling of our heart to shine through in this space.

From here, we will hear the whispers of our inner knowing and intuition. These whispers are always from the space of compassion, love, acceptance and gratitude for ourselves, others and the whole universe. 

To complete our Intuitive Meditation, we finish with a moment of grounding. To bring ourselves back into 3D life. As we acknowledge and understand what it is that we just experienced, and what that knowing is and how we can bring that knowing into our everyday life.

These Intuitive Meditations and any type of meditations are really beautiful because it is a 5D experience, that dream like state experience. Which is why it is so important to honour our 5D experience in this moment of now, our 3D reality. Otherwise it just becomes a dream that we once had and we can’t really remember.

I invite you to have a practice with an Intuitive Meditation today… Here is a link to one I recorded recently…

Heart Connection Standard Intuitive Meditation

Thank you.



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