Intuitive Meditation is an inward and embodied practice that reaches every area of your life, as you begin to follow and trust in your own intuition. This calm and inward focused practice envelops you in love and acceptance offering you a deeper sense of gratitude and love towards all, yourself and others.

Intuitive Meditation is a ‘scientific and philosophical based’* method of Meditation to access and connect with your own intuition with trust and courage to follow your heart’s truth (your soul voice / your inner guidance). By being in your heart’s truth allows us to stay present and be guided from our intuition with trust and clarity/certainty. The aim of this deeper connection is to bring your intuition into your day to day life, not just only in your meditation time.

Through this method you quieten the Monkey Mind with breathing practices to become still and to activate your own intuition, from within your heart truth! As we follow the breath into your heart space, here you meet your higher self through connecting with your intuition in its highest form.

Our hearts are connected to a higher source of knowledge and wisdom. A wisdom that transcends the bounds of time and space, which connects us with our highest good.

Within ourselves in meditation we can connect to our heart space, but only in the silence of the mind. It can never be forced or judged. It is always there for us and waiting for us to devote our time and energy into this space of love.

Our heart is the space where love never ends and true acceptance for all that is resides.

I will guide you through your own unique personal Intuitive Meditation.


Here is the journey of an Intuitive Meditation


Intuitive Meditation uses the power of our breath. To quieten our Monkey Mind to become still and present in the moment of now. These breathing techniques calm, centre and ground our body and mind completely. Here we follow the path of our breath, from our outer world and begin to arrive into our inner world.


Intuitive Meditation leans into your heart’s intelligence, through heart-connection. This is based on HeartMath Institutes research of our heart’s innate knowing when we connect into higher vibrational feelings, like love and gratitude. Here we expand our heart’s vibration out to connect in with our highest awareness.


Intuitive Meditation opens and ignites our innate intuitive knowing as we expand our awareness and knowing to a greater awareness / higher consciousness. We let go of our ego-mind and fears to listen to our heart’s truth. Here we acknowledge, connect and understand our intuition to allowing this to guide us forward on our journey of life.

“When you lean into a heart-centred intuitive meditation practice, you no longer need to look outside of yourself. Everything you need is within you and always grounded in love, acceptance and grace!”

How Does An Intuitive Meditation Session Work?

I offer Intuitive Meditation sessions as one on one sessions or as part of a group on my Dance of The Breath & Heart journeys 

A one on one session is held via zoom or face to face where possible. The session will go for 30-45 minutes. During the session, we will begin with talking therapy to understand your why and what you would like to work on, then progress onto the Intuitive Meditation, with breathing practice and an Intuitive Meditation specifically for you!

At the end of the session, you will take away your own unique and vital steps forward for you in your life, all aligned to your own intuitive knowing and your own highest good. These will empower you with self-love, self-confidence and self-knowing. Allowing yourself to take full self-responsibility for your own healing and intuition.

Please allow time before and after the session to be still and quiet.

To book your one on one session, please

*scientific and philosophical based* please refer to Master Your Heart Centred Practice blog.