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Meditation for Kinesiology is an 7-week online course to take your client sessions to the next level with Meditation. This is also a transformative experience for you as a practitioner.

This course is a self-paced online learning, that you can do in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you BUT you still receive full support with monthly Live Zoom Calls to share, discuss and deepen into our learnings together.

PLUS the added bonus of 16 CPE points with Australian Kinesiology Association.

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Why this course?


I am always grateful to participate in Debbie’s courses. I so appreciate her ability to hold a caring and honouring space for us all. Each time I am able to go deeper into my heart space and meet myself from a new perspective. I feel that my confidence in my intuition has enhanced in so many ways. Particularly since I have been using intuitive meditation in clinic with my clients. I am bringing more self-devotion practice into my life- stillness, slowness, quiet reflection and gratitude each day, to help me to show up from a place of love. Thank you Debbie!
Lauren Harris

Debbie’s courses are absolutely full of Heart and Soul. She is one of the most Authentic Heart Centered people I have ever met. It has been an absolute joy to participate in Debbie’s courses over the past few years. Working with Debbie has completely opened my eyes up to the importance of meditation and not just meditation but a whole new way of being. This really is Powerful, Soulful and Heart filled work. So much gratitude and love for your amazing work Debbie – Thank you xx
Treena Purchase

Debbie is an amazing facilitator and meditation teacher who gracefully holds space for her Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training students. Debbie imparts her wise teachings whilst also assisting the journey of each student. This is not the first course I have taken with Debbie and I am sure I will sign up for many more. Thank you Thank you Thank you
Xanthe Pearson

I’m so grateful I stepped into Debbie’s Meditation for Kinesiology course last year and continued into her Master Heart course this year. These courses have enabled me to smoothly make the move online given our current circumstances. I feel the meditation component taught in this work is such a powerful tool which enables the online ‘balancing’ to truly move the energy in the client from a distance. I have been receiving fantastic feedback from my clients, who love awakening their own intuition through this process. I’ve also just launched my first online course! I truly don’t believe I would have had the skills to move this quickly online without this embodied information, passion and dedication from Debbie.
Rachelle Hickson

I have been honoured to completed two courses with Debbie. I would have to say it was the most transformational course I have ever done and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to evolve and grow but at the same time feel safe and supported during this transformational process.
Kristy Hill

Thank YOU so much Debbie!! You are absolutely INCREDIBLE in your gifts, your compassion, your energy and your presence. It has been a pleasure beyond words to do this course with you. Thank you so much for showing up for us and leading us with such integrity and authenticity – both as a teacher and as a person. You’ve been such a great example for all of us. May blessings overflow your heart and your life. Thank you thank you thank you.
Rach Vivienne

“I am absolutely loving this course. The
ease of implementation of content is
fantastic and Debbie as a trainer is
exceptionally heart felt and generous in
what she shares in terms of both technical content and support. The online workshops each week are informative and well paced. The private facebook group is excellent and provides a safe space to share experiences and lessons learned”.
Karen Humphries, Blooming From Within


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