As1Heart Podcast


This podcast is a safe place to arrive to, where we come together as one united heart to share, learn, rejoice and grow.

Here we celebrate all our unique hearts to create a ripple of love and gratitude.

On these podcasts you will listen to many different guests, all who light my heart with love and inspiration. My wish is that they too light your heart!

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 6 feat. Tosca Dee

Today we are joined by Tosca Dee, The Joyful Goddess

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 5 feat. Kelly Paardekooper

Today we are joined by Kelly Paardekooper, an Intuitive Health Guide.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 4 feat. Dr Niikee

Today we are joined by Dr Niikee who is an Energy Medicine Specialist and Intuitive Guide.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 3 feat. Emma Turton

Today we are joined by Emma Turton a leading international Medical Intuitive and founder and director of Medical Intuition School.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 2 feat. Tina Bruce

Today we are joined by Tina Bruce, Author, Intuitive Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader and Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 1 feat. Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Today we are joined by Ricci-Jane Adams, Ph.D. the principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 23 feat. Debbie Rossi

In the final As1Kinesiology Podcast (before it evolves and grows into As1Heart Podcast in 2021), I have turned the interview back onto myself.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 22 feat. Jacque Mooney

Jacque Mooney loves that Kinesiology continues to inspire her to learn more and explore this passion.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 21 feat. Julia Poppleton

Julia is a qualified Counselling Kinesiologist who specialises in family dynamics and inner child recovery.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 20 feat. Denise Robinson

As the lead practitioner and Director at By The Bay Kinesiology, Denise Robinson is known for her intuitive ability and style…

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 19 feat. Kate Keetley

Kate Keetley is a Kinesiology Professional Practitioner (AKA) with Living Made Easy Kinesiology, Move from Effort to Ease.

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 18 feat. Jasmine Choice

Jasmin Choice of Inner Wisdom Kinesiology is a Kinesiologist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner based in Sydney and the South Coast