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Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training with Retreat

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This is a 10-week online course with a 3-day / 2-night retreat in Hazeldene at the Yarra Valley. It is for all practitioners, yoga teachers, health workers or anyone wishing to deepen into this for their own personal journey. You will become a qualified Intuitive Meditation Teacher for one on one and group settings. The course will delve into…

  • Learn the scientific based method to access our intuition through Intuitive Meditations.
  • Learn how to create your own retreat offering.
  • Understanding the importance of heart-connection and breath work in meditations, all aimed at calming our bodies and central nervous system away from anxiety, stress and overwhelm.
  • Powerful ways to expand your own intuition as you begin to listen and trust in your own intuitive knowings.
  • The essential components to ‘hold space’ for your meditation participants in both one on one and group settings.
  • Different meditation techniques including mantras, mudras, sound, archetypes, storytelling and circles.
  • Explore our energetic bodies through the Chakras.
  • Learn forgiveness techniques to heal and release pain and trauma.
  • Understand how to use all these powerful techniques in a support and trauma informed practice with your own meditation students.
  • Full support and learnings how you can create your own Meditation practice with students.


All the course content will be available to you each week on the Course Portal.

Each week you will receive written notes, personal devotion practice, breathing technique, partner sharing ideas and facebook sharing ideas. We will meet each week on Zoom to share and explore these ideas and learnings further.

These Zoom module calls are created as experiences and offer you lots of opportunities to practice your new skills, giving you the opportunity for transformation as you deepen into the skills yourself.

The course consists of 14 modules (10-week course), 3-day / 2-night retreat in Hazeldene in the Yarra Valley, access to a 4-week Dance of Breath & Heart Meditation Class experience plus 3 Elective subjects.

During the Course:

  • Welcome and Farewell sessions.
  • Partner Commitment, you will be assigned a partner to work with throughout the duration of the course to explore, practice and share together.
  • You will be fully supported in creating and extending into your own self-devotional practice with weekly meditations and breathing techniques.
  • Each week you will be asked to share your learnings from the week, to help you acknowledge and own your own learnings.
  • Opportunities at the end of the course to do a Teach-Out with fellow students to ground your new learnings into your own unique style of teaching.
  • You will have different layers of support throughout the course with partners, mentors and Debbie.


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