The Power of our Breath in Intuitive Meditations

The Power of our Breath in Intuitive Meditations

Brain Waves

Our breath (or pranayama) connects us to our bodies, it takes us into our world within.

Breath can be used alone as a centring and grounding technique and is often used in mindfulness practices. When we are using breath as part of an Intuitive Meditation, we are using it specifically take our attention to our inner world.

Dr Joe Dispenza scientifically talks about the effect of our breath on our brain wave states in his book Becoming Supernatural. Here is a brief summary of his work…

BETA FREQUENCY – most of the time that you are awake and conscious. Here you are focused on the outside world and keeping yourself safe in the environment you are in. Responding to outside stimuli.

ALPHA FREQUENCY – when you are relaxed, calm, creative and intuitive. Here you are no longer thinking or analysing.

THETA FREQUENCY – this is when your body is drifting off to sleep or you are in a deep state of meditation.

DELTA FREQUENCY – deepest meditation and dreamless sleep. Healing is generated here.

Our breath can take us out of the Beta Frequency and drop us down in the Alpha Frequency and possibly even to the Theta and Delta Frequency.

This is important because a state of constant arousal and survival in the Beta Frequency can cause our bodies undue stress and pressure to always be on alert and aware of our outside environment. In the Alpha Frequency state our internal bodies also become calm and relaxed, this helps to calm our Autonomic Nervous System and allows our bodies an optimal space for healing and regeneration.

Breath is an essential way to bring our brains into the Theta Frequency (and Delta Frequency), just by focusing on your breath and slowing it down can drop you immediately into this more coherent and intuitive space.

Using breath here specifically is important and will set us up for success in our Meditations. It is also helpful to use throughout a Meditation if your mind has wondered off into a ‘monkey mind’ of thoughts, by coming back to the breath it is a powerful way to reconnect back into our world within.







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