Beyond the Schoolyard Book

This powerful, inspiring book teaches you to deal with and let go of the effects of childhood bullying. The step-by-step process outlined in Beyond the Schoolyard allows you to deal with the pain and anguish of childhood; identify how it affects your adult life, and learn to let go of and move past the pain into a healthier and happier adulthood. This training will also equip and empower parents to deal with schoolyard bullying scenarios involving their own children.

Some of the most difficult things we go through as young people teach you the deepest, most lasting lessons. In Beyond the Schoolyard, Debbie Rossi teaches you how to communicate clearly and to find the positives that exist within these lessons. Debbie has learned this through her own experience from a unique perspective of a childhood bullying victim who has become a successful practitioner of a Melbourne Kinesiology clinic, wife and mother.

It is possible to reverse the programming of childhood with positive self-talk, self-care and positive interactions in the present. Forgiveness and healing are a part of this process. Debbie Rossi shows you how to clear away anger, bitterness and fear to live life to its positive and full potential. Beyond the Schoolyard shows you how to be healthier and happier adults, as well as a better spouses and parents by healing the wounds of the past and re-programming yourself to be more positive, present and appreciative of the good things in life.



Beyond the Schoolyard - End the Bullying Forever

– Debbie Rossi –


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Debbie illustrates from her own personal experiences how childhood and adolescent bullying can have long term repercussions in adult life affecting relationships, parenting and functioning effectively in the workforce.

She charts her path in overcoming these painful experiences through her discovery of kinesiology and applying it on a daily basis to all aspects of her life and with her children. With specific details on the techniques she embraced, she guides you to overcome similar problems in your own life, and go on to build a happy, fulfilled and productive future. .

Some key benefits include:
  • Appreciating the contribution of bullying and put down behaviours in both emotional and physical health problems
  • Seeing the ‘emotional sting’ of a hurtful comment as something that needs to be addressed rather than resorting to putting yourself down or blaming others
  • Learning to develop compassion for bullies, by seeing the wounds that motivated their behaviours, as a path to release the residual impacts
  • Embracing the concept that how you treat yourself is a role model for how others will treat you, so it is vital to become your own best friend
  • Discovering the power of kinesiology to pinpoint critical past events that are locking negative self-worth patterns in place
  • Recognising the value of Inner Child work on the critical issues in de-stressing and reframing the past in such positive ways
  • Grasping the importance of the ongoing reinforcement exercises presented to address deeply embedded negative belief systems and fundamentally changing the way our brains respond
  • Understanding how post traumatic growth is achieved by turning adversity into a motivating force for change and changing the stories we are telling ourselvesDebbie embodies this last point as a compassionate kinesiologist helping many people turn their lives around after childhood bullying. Being able to put herself ‘out there’ and write a book to help even more people, is a testament to Debbie’s success in overcoming her lifelong struggles with low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, fear of being judged and expectation of bad things happening.

    Written in a very approachable style, you can readily empathise with Debbie’s story. I would highly recommend this book for people embarking on their journeys in overcoming childhood and adolescent bullying. It will also help partners, family and practitioners wanting insight and supportive techniques to help the ‘survivors’ of bullying on their paths to emotional liberation. It is wonderful to see a person practicing what she preaches in such a powerful way.
“It really helped reconnect me to my inner resources and I felt it was the perfect blend of inspiration, wisdom and practical steps. It was an amazing first book and I look forward to many more. Also just wanted to say thank you for being a beacon of light to creating a bully free world. My energy and support are 100% behind you and I know your work will make a huge difference <3.”
“I love your book, I am really getting a lot out of it.”
“Debbie captures the essence of the glass half full approach to life. She helps people focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. When a person is bullied, they carry the experience as a burden even when the situation has been dealt with. Debbie offers victims help to remove this burden so they can move on with their life with an increased empathy for others.”
“For the first time a talented Kinesiologist has written a book that uncovers the root causes of bullying and how to respond. The book explains a step-by-step approach to letting go of the past and empowers individuals to take control of their lives.”
“Debbie wrote this book as a result of her own personal experiences with bullying at school and how it affected her relationships later on in life as a family member, partner, parent and friend, as well how it impacted on her feelings of self. She serves as an example of the long-term repercussions bullying does have on an individual. The good news is that Debbie has overcome these painful experienced and with the help of Kinesiology has had the courage and motivation to not only write about her story, but assist others in similar situations.

Debbie discovered Kinesiology through attempting to help her own children and from that she became a Kinesiologist herself. She offers a neat chapter on what Kinesiology is from the perspective of the emotional work that relates so much to what she does now. In her descriptions and explanations of how people can help themselves with their own emotional life issues, she offers stories of her own clients. These stories are varied and profound and also give insight into the value of Kinesiology. However, this book is not about Kinesiology per se, but about helping the human condition when it comes to feelings of self-worth and the examination of the issues going on.

Chapter by chapter Debbie covers topics such as reframing, patterns of negative elf talk, reverse focus, letting go, communication, using symbols and more. All are covered in an easy to read fashion that make sense in one’s life.

One can tell Debbie has gained much wisdom from her earlier experiences in life and more recently as a practitioner and parent. This book imparts all that and more. It would be of great benefit to anyone suffering or having suffered from bullying, or those with low self-esteem, negative life patterns or who cannot break free from emotional issues. It would also be of great value to parents who wish to assist their children and for the Kinesiologist who works in similar areas to obtain a greater and broader insight”.