Dance of Breath & Heart

Dance of Breath & Heart

is a 4-week journey in your personal meditation practice. It combines breathing techniques plus Intuitive Meditations, for self-love, self-acceptance and peace.
Debbie · October 3, 2020

This course is NOW available for enrolment.
We begin on the 31st of August 2021.
Live Zoom calls will be held on Wednesdays at 9am (AEST).
Plus Breathing / Meditation classes will be held Tuesdays & Fridays at 6am (AEST).
Thank you!


Course Overview​


You are invited on a personal journey to dance with your breath and heart, where our truth and love exists!

These are all aligned to your heart space and inviting you to go deeper within your heart for your own self-love, self-acceptance and understanding.

Over our 4-week journey together you will experience and be immersed in basic through to powerful breathing techniques, all to activate and embody your heart space even deeper with the focus on bringing peace, calm and understanding into your life. These breathing techniques bring a greater connection within ourselves and towards our silence within us, bringing us to the present moment as we let go of anxiety, depression and stress so we can focus on the gifts of this present moment while continually deepening into your own world within.


Why this course?


This journey is an opportunity to ‘Connect In with You’, explore and devote time and energy into yourself. This ‘Dance’ with your breath and heart is about exploring within and getting to know yourself on a deeper, more heartfelt connection, where kindness lives. It is not for you to learn something new, to get more information or to change who you are. This journey is for YOU!

One of the biggest things that I talk about (live and breathe) is self-devotion and congruency in all areas of our lives. This journey is your SACRED self-devotion time for you to experience and immerse yourself in for no other reason than because it is for YOU and you deserve this time with your own HEART.

I invite you to fill up your own cup with self-love, peace and acceptance…

These techniques of breathing, meditation and journaling are ones that I personally do in my own sacred time each morning! This is an opportunity for us to meet in this sacred space together!


Course Inclusions and Extras

  • Live 30-minute breathing classes each Tuesday & Friday at 6am AEDT (each of these days will include a guided meditation).
  • A 1-hour weekly live catch up zoom circle each Wednesday at 9am AEDT, to own, share, discuss and honour your journey. Here you will also be able to ask any questions. 
  • Weekly Goddess archetypal themes, to embody and understand how these qualities and attributes of the different archetypes can help lead us on our personal journey.
  • Understand the physiology behind each of these breathing techniques which have been proven to help reduce anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Dedicated journaling themes each week.

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These will all be recorded for you to enjoy at a time that is convenient to you. All classes are recommended to re-watch for a deeper experience.

These classes are suitable for all with beginners to advanced practices. I will guide you through all the practices and mediations and always encouraged to follow your own inner guidance if a practice or technique doesn’t feel suitable for you.

Yes you will be supported for the full 4-weeks with email contacts with Debbie.

All the breathing / meditation sessions are held on Facebook as part of a private Facebook group (where no one else but the members of our group can access and see). All these sessions will be available for you to watch back using Facebook. Our sharing sessions will be held on Zoom and all the login details will be sent to you upon registration.

Online breathing / meditation sessions work just as well as in-room sessions, my commitment is to ensure we create a safe and inclusive space for all participants to feel safe and included in the practice.

You will be supported during the full 4-weeks of the course through the weekly zoom circles to share and ask any questions. You will also be able to contact me privately, if needed via email.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at [email protected].

About Instructor


I am Debbie and I am committed to my heart and your heart! To commit and lead from our heart in our lives offers us a life of love, understanding, peace and acceptance.

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