Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training

Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training

is a 12-week commitment to yourself and your heart for aspiring meditation teachers, as well as for those wanting to deepen their knowledge, practice and experience of Meditation.
Debbie · October 3, 2020

This course is NOW available for enrolment.
We begin on the 14th of June 2022 at 10:30am (AEST) online.
***EARLY BIRD PRICING closes 10th of June 2022***
Please note this has NO retreat.
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Course Overview​


This is a 12-week online course for all practitioners, yoga teachers, health workers or anyone wishing to deepen into this for their own personal journey. You will become a qualified Intuitive Meditation Teacher for one on one and group settings. The course will delve into…

  • Learn the scientific based method to access our intuition through Intuitive Meditations.
  • Understanding the importance of heart-connection and breath work in meditations, all aimed at calming our bodies and central nervous system away from anxiety, stress and overwhelm.
  • Powerful ways to expand your own intuition as you begin to listen and trust in your own intuitive knowings.
  • The essential components to ‘hold space’ for your meditation participants in both one on one and group settings.
  • Explore Mindfulness for our everyday lives. 
  • Different meditation techniques including mantras, mudras, sound, archetypes, storytelling and circles.
  • Explore our energetic bodies through the Chakras.
  • Learn forgiveness techniques to heal and release pain and trauma.
  • Understand how to use all these powerful techniques in a safe, brave, supportive and trauma informed practice with your own meditation students.
  • Full support and learnings how you can create your own Meditation practice with students.

Why this course?


Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training is a fully registered training course with
Meditation Australia.

Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training is a Premier Training Provider with
International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).

For You

  • Learn the theory and scientific research behind Intuitive Meditations and why they are essential for everyone
  • Learn how to create your own Intuitive Meditations
  • Explore and commit to your own practice of Meditation, to keep your own energies cleared and aligned
  • Expand into your own intuitive knowing with trust, understanding and openness
  • Connect with other likeminded souls to share and learn together

For Your Clients

  • Give your clients the opportunity to take on complete self-responsibility for themselves, by listening to their own inner knowing / intuition
  • Strengthen their Nervous System to let go of stress, anxiety and overwhelm through specific breathing and heart connection techniques
  • Allow your clients to experience a deeper subconscious connection to create a space that allows the client to return to their own love and highest good within
  • Create a safe, inclusive and supportive space for your clients to arrive as themselves away from any expectations or anxieties

Course structure and content

  • Each week you will receive a written module, personal sacred devotional technique & breathing technique to explore and embody yourself within. We will meet once a week on Zoom for 1.5 hours to explore the module. These live modules are created as experiences and offer you lots of opportunities to practice your new skills, giving you the opportunity for transformation as you deepen into the skills yourself.

The course consists of 14 modules (12-week course), access to a 4-week Dance of Breath & Heart Meditation Class experience plus 3 Elective subjects.

During the Course:

  • Partner Commitment, you will be assigned a partner to work with throughout the duration of the course to explore, practice and share together.
  • You will be fully supported in creating and extending into your own self-devotional practice with weekly meditations and breathing techniques.
  • Each week you will be asked to share your learnings from the week, to help you acknowledge and own your own learnings.
  • Opportunities at the end of the course to do a Teaching Experience with fellow students to ground your new learnings into your own unique style of teaching.
Recommended Reading for the  Course:
  • Becoming  Supernatural  by Dr Joe Dispenza
  • Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss
  • The Divine Feminine Oracle (cards) by Meggan Watterson 

Based on HeartMath Institutes scientific research, learn and experience the facts and understanding of our heart’s intelligence and power.

Learn the physiology and anatomy behind our breath and specific breathing techniques. This is will give you the reason why we do specific breathing techniques and what actually occurs within our bodies.

Deepen and develop into your own intuition, through proven techniques. Here you will meet yourself within your own intuitive knowing.

Learn the fundamental structure of Intuitive Meditations, this becomes the container for all Meditations.

Experience and understand the 5 essential components to ‘Holding Space’, these components allow you to sit in compassion and non-judgement to witness and meet others exactly where they are at.

Together we will learn and experience what and how Chakras work within your body and energetic body. You will learn the importance of these chakras when working with Meditations plus we will begin to commune with our Chakras. I will also introduce Tapping here.  

Learn how to structure and hold circles or group classes. You will also be introduced to working with themes and storytelling as a way to deepen into transformation for all participants.

Explore and experience the importance of Mantras and Mudras in your Meditations. This will include learning the traditional meaning to help take you deeper in a Meditation practice.

We deep dive into forgiveness through the eyes of A Course In Miracles. You will also experience a profound technique to open into forgiveness.

Learn the importance of safety, trust, support, choice and cultural / societal issues when you are creating a safe and inclusive space with your Meditations.

Discover the importance of archetypes as we begin to dance with them in our lives and allow us to become the dancer of archetypes.

This brings everything together as you become the Teacher, creating and exploring your own unique seat as the Teacher.

Learn what is structurally needed to create your own business model in a safe and honouring way.

Together we will explore many different ways that meditation is / can be used in our history and also in current times. We will also briefly explore various texts.

  • Your Dharma Explored: Spend time exploring your own Dharma, as you embrace and embody your own unique gifts that you can bring into your practice.
  • A journey with Journaling: Discover your own journey with journaling as you learn the importance of why and how to journal to compliment and expand into your Meditation practice.
  • Children and Teen’s Meditation Practices: Learn specific age-appropriate Meditation techniques for children and teenage Meditators.
  • Embodiment:  Embodiment is the key to moving forward, practicing and sharing Intuitive Meditations. Together we will explore how you can live a fully embodied life.
  • Business Statements: Create your own Business Statements in a unique way to align your business with your heart-space. 
  • Quantum Physics:  Together we will explore and experience the Quantum Field and understand why this is so important within Intuitive Meditations.
  • Create your Meditation Business: Explore what your Meditation Business will look like, with business advice including technical advice and owning your worth.
  • Kind Mindfulness: Learn the art of mindfulness within your Meditation practice and learn how to become mindful in our everyday lives.
  • Sound and Meditations: Learn how to incorporate vibrational sound into your Meditations using many different types of instruments. 

(Please note these electives will change from intake to intake). 

(3 elective subjects will be chosen for you to explore with each intake, these are recorded webinars for self-paced study. If you would like to purchase the extra 5 electives, these can be purchased for $120 or individually for $30 each.)

Is a 4-week experience of Intuitive Meditations with breath work, to expand into love, understanding and peace in our life. It is an opportunity for Teachers to experience the practice for themselves and also learn how to create their own unique offering through this as an example. Students are asked to compete the 4-week online experience as an experience for themselves first and then to re-watch these sessions as the Teacher to understand grows and glows for their own practice.


Course Inclusions and Extras

  • 12 online live modules via zoom (recorded)
  • 3 Elective subjects for students to explore (these subjects vary each intake)
  • Access to Dance of Breath & Heart Meditation Class experience for students to explore how to create their own classes
  • Partner sharing and practice
  • Teaching Experience at end of course with feedback from Debbie, mentors and  other students 
  • Weekly Self-Devotional & Breathing practices for you to deepen into your own daily self-devotional practice
  • Opportunities to become a mentor / leadership role in future IMTT intakes
  • Sharing Circles to  deepen into your learning and experience of the course information
  • Unlimited mentoring by Debbie Rossi for the duration of the course
  • 14 written modules for you to immerse yourself in and keep as a learning tool
  • A variety of standard Intuitive Meditations scripts that you can use with your clients  in sessions
  • Opportunities to ask any questions during the weekly online calls
  • Create your own daily rituals to keep yourself aligned and cleared
  • Access to a private Facebook Group to connect with other likeminded souls, where we can share and grow our Meditation practices for ourselves and our own students.

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Each week’s module will be recorded for you to watch at any time that is suitable to you. You can watch the recording as many times as you like.

Your time commitment per week is as follows:
1.5 hours on Live or Recorded Zoom Session
30 minutes a day for your own Personal Sacred Devotional Time each day, including Intuitive Meditation and Breathwork practices
30 minutes a week approx. Partner Sharing Time, this could be as little or as much as you both require
Extra time for exploring the course notes / content to make it your own learning with possible sharing of this on our Private Facebook Group.

It is an expectation that you watch live or recording of each Zoom Module Call. If you are watching as recording, then it is an expectation to send Debbie your reflections of the call. 

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can use for your continued professional development. This course is accredited with Meditation Australia. You will also receive discounted membership to Meditation Australia upon completion of the course. 

Yes, this course is very much about you embodying the practice for yourself. There are opportunities for both students who wish to use these learnings in their practice with clients and students who wish to use these learnings for themselves. Everyone is welcome!

Yes, this course uses a variety of Meditation practices and is focused on breath work and intuition development. It is a beautiful compliment to any other meditation practice that you have learnt before.

Class sizes are intentionally kept small, to allow for maximum engagement for your own journey to flourish and lead you through the course content. Online will be capped at 8 participants and face-to-face will be capped at 4 participants. 

Each week you will log into ZOOM (the link will be provided to you upon registration). I will meet you online to run the course and then you will have the opportunity to ask any questions at the end of the zoom call. All you need is a computer or smartphone, which has video and audio functions.

This boutique training will be held in Balwyn North, Victoria (full address will be given at time of enrolment). It will be for a maximum of 4 participants to keep maximum engagement for all participants. 

Absolutely yes, Debbie will be available to you via email during the duration of the course to ask any questions. You will also have the opportunity at the end of each weekly call to ask questions.

This course is a great way to add value to yourself and your clients. Intuitive Meditation allows our clients to delve deeper into their subconscious programming and also to release emotional blockages.

These meditations can be recorded during your client session and then either given to your clients as an added bonus for them to continue with at home, or if you prefer you can charge your clients for these Meditations to use at home.

Payment in full or via monthly direct debit.

About Instructor


I am Debbie and I am committed to my heart and your heart! To commit and lead from our heart in our lives offers us a life of love, understanding, peace and acceptance.

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