Meet Debbie Rossi

Welcome, it is lovely to meet you here. I am Debbie Rossi and I would like to share with you my story and my journey to meet myself in my heart.

I lived a happy childhood with my family and many pets. I spent my days chasing my two brothers and sister and my nights dreaming of rainbows.

Rainbows were magical to me. They felt like a warm embrace of love, acceptance and happiness. I saw rainbows everywhere around me, yet I could never own one for myself and feel my rainbow inside of me like others did easily. 

I longed to feel these magical rainbows inside of my own heart.

Rainbows were always separate to me and something that I was not worthy of having for myself. Rainbows were only for other people. People who were more special than me, who were kinder than me, smarter than me and liked more than me. 

Ohhh how I longed to feel my own magical rainbow of love.

I continued to grow and met my soul-love. Together we created a beautiful family of 4 children and a fluffy ball of a love, our dog. We lived a very happy life, but I was still never able to catch or feel my own rainbow, and because of this I often felt a deep sadness. Sometimes this sadness would keep me feeling stuck, angry and alone despite having my loving family around me always. I felt this sadness deep within my heart. I thought that I would never be ‘good enough’ to have my own magical rainbow.

I went on many journeys to many places with many different people to ‘try’ to find my own rainbow, yet all these journeys were outside of myself.

After many years and many tears, one day I was introduced to my heart-space. This took courage, strength and dedication as I began to sit in the silence, where I could meet myself in my heart. I quickly realised that this silence was always there, it was only the noise of my sadness that kept me from hearing my own silence. This grew and grew and slowly guess what appeared in my heart…. my own magical rainbow. At first, I felt unsure and not convinced that this rainbow was for me. Yet as I trusted my heart and began to follow my heart more and more, I knew that this was MY rainbow.

My own rainbow that was and is always within my heart filled with my own self-love and self-acceptance, I did not have to do anything, achieve anything or be anything to feel my rainbow. All I did was stand still in the silence, to look within to see, feel and know my own rainbow. 

This rainbow now guides and nurtures me every day and every moment of my life. I see them all around me and now I look at another person’s unique rainbow with love and grace. I see everyone’s unique magical rainbow of love intertwining and dancing altogether, all connected as one! 

I now live in service to my rainbow and share with others how they too can meet and feel their own unique rainbow, away from their noise. I do this through one on one Intuitive Kinesiology sessions, Intuitive Meditation classes and my book called Beyond The Schoolyard, end the bullying forever. I know I can only reach so many as one person, therefore I now teach others how to become Teachers of The Heart through my Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training courses. 

I know that I can start a ripple of love and acceptance in our pond of life, reaching many others as I invite others to meet themselves in their own unique heart truth, just as I did! 

My rainbow is (and always has been) alive in my heart, just as your rainbow is!

Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo
(I bow to the teacher / wisdom within me and to the teacher / wisdom within you).

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