Master-Heart Practitioner

Master-Heart Practitioner

is a 6-month commitment to your heart within your business and your personal life. It is an extension and support program from the Intuitive Meditation trainings.
Debbie · November 2, 2020

This course is not available for enrolment yet. Clicking on the TAKE THIS COURSE button will not work at present. Please visit our site 6 weeks before the start date when enrolments will open. Note that the course starts on the 23rd of February 2021.
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My Mission


is to lead a new paradigm of heart connection for everyone, where we lead ourselves from our unique heart truth in love, compassion, understanding, congruence, commitment and acceptance for all that is.

To become confident and accepting within ourselves, with who we are and allowing us to be present to each moment of our lives with trust, grace and love.

  • This training is an extension of Intuitive Meditation for Kinesiology 8-week online course. It is an opportunity for you to master your own heart-space.
  • A Master-Heart Practitioner no longer needs to fix their client rather co-create a space for their client to embody their own healing through self-responsibility and self-ownership through the guiding support of the practitioner.
  • Together we will journey through various aspects of your business to create a heart-centred practice; including mission statements, your why, holding space, case-studies, running meditation circles, leadership plus much more.
  • You will be fully supported and guided by Debbie throughout the 6-month course, supporting you to transcend your fears to become a confident and congruent practitioner in all areas.
  • Deepen into your own TRUST as you live your life and facilitate your work through the guidance and wisdom of your own heart.

This Training Is For You

  • To continue on the journey into your heart-space. To be guided and lead from your own heart-wisdom in ALL areas of your life (including your business).
  • To create a heart-centred business.
  • Be a leader from a space of humility, trust, congruency and radical gratitude.
  • Understand the spiritual meaning behind your business as you work in the energetic paradigm.
  • Take on full self-responsibility for your own self!

5 Qualities of a Master-heart Practitioner

  • Trust – surrender control
  • Humility – feel myself less
  • Congruency – be the demonstration
  • Radical Gratitude – vibration / energy first
  • The Moment of Now – there is only ever this moment

Master-heart Practitioner Training

Is a 6-month online course training. We meet online each fortnight where we delve into…

  • Heart-listening
  • Creative Intuitive Meditation Case Studies
  • Divine Feminine Archetypes
  • Mantra work
  • Circle Structure
  • Required reading texts
  • Continuing to clear your own fears and insecurities
  • Business structure
  • Mission statements, My Why and Code of Ethics
  • Leadership development
  • Create your own course / workshop

Master-Heart Practitioner Training is run by Debbie Rossi as an international, professional and reputable training and consulting service. Debbie is based in Melbourne, Australia with her services reaching clients and students all around the world.

This course was created from Debbie’s mission to lead a new paradigm in ‘healing’ where we lead ourselves and our clients to our unique heart truth in love, compassion, understanding, congruence, commitment and acceptance for all that is. Debbie leads her students to become confident practitioners who “walk their talk” as they hold integral and open space for their own clients.

The course is pivoting people to make a life change and allowing it to filter in all areas of their life including their business.

Master-Heart participants are offered a comprehensive online learning approach through practices, theory, research-based content and support. This training is based and grounded in our heart wisdom which reaches not only our business practice but every single area of our lives. Through this training we become congruent and committed to our heart-space where all our truth lies.

Master-Heart Practitioner Training has been specifically designed for the practitioner who is searching for a more spiritual and holistic approach to their business (and their life).


Course structure and content

  • Create our heart-statement
  • We delve into Divine Feminine Archetypes
  • Learning how to hold heart-space for your clients
  • What is heart-listening?
  • Creating your own circle
  • Understanding the structure and methodology of a circle
  • Intuitive Meditation Case Studies
  • Begin to explore our Dharma - our intention / our why
  • Business statements – My Why, Mission Statement, Code of Ethics
  • All grounded from our heart-space
  • We claim our Dharma – our intention / why
  • Creating our I AM statements
  • Delve into the power of Mantras
  • Continue to release our own fears / stories
  • Learn the qualities Heart-Leadership
  • Let go of the traditional ego-based leadership style here
  • Study-group on Book – The Four Agreements
  • Reflection & sharing on our journey with these agreements
  • Taking the seat as a Teacher
  • Teaching Mythology explored, with integrity and inclusivity
  • Here you share and own your own Dharma / intention
  • Be witnessed in your heart-leadership
  • We close our time together with a celebration of our journey

What Do You Get When You Join

  • 13 fortnightly live zoom calls (all recorded)
  • Daily-meditations for you to immerse yourself in
  • Bi-monthly support circle
  • Opportunities for you to step up into leadership
  • Unlimited mentoring by Debbie for the duration of the course
  • Skills and practices to deepend and further open into your own TRUST
  • Create your own circle, for the Intuitive Meditation for Kinesiology students
  • Lean into your Teacher Archetype as you create your own course / workshop
  • Learn how to market from a heart-centred space
  • Study-group of 2 books, The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson & The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • Complete 2 x Heart-Case-Studies
  • Embody the importance of heart-leadership
  • Access to our private Facebook Group
  • Establish and commit to your own self-devotional practice

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Each module will be recorded for you to watch at any time that is suitable to you. You can watch the recording as many times as you like.

The more you put in, the more you will get out of this course. I recommend a 2-3 hour commitment each week. Plus your self-devotional time.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion which you can use for your continued professional development.

Divine Archetype Reflection – to be done on our private Facebook Group (Book Study)

2 x Heart-Case-Studies, with 2 x 30-minute sessions each

Create your own Master-Heart Business Statements

The Four Agreements Reflection (Book Study)

Daily devotional practice

Yes, this course can be done at any time during your training. This is a valuable added bonus course to enrich your practice and to become a Master-Heart Practitioner within your business.

This course takes you on a deep dive into your heart-space. This is the journey to live and breathe from your heart-space in every area of your business and life.

Absolutely yes, Debbie will be available to you via email during the duration of the course to ask any questions. I am here to fully support you. You will also be supported by other Master-Heart Practitioner students through this course, as you bond together, and it becomes a course not only supported by Debbie but the entire group.

This course is a great way to add value to yourself and your clients. Master-Heart Practitioner Training is your journey inward, which becomes the MOST important journey that you will ever take. Here you will learn the wisdom of your soul, understand its meaning and be able to live this wisdom out in the reality of your life and business.

This course begins in end of January and beginning of July each year. Please email [email protected] for exact course dates.

All payments need to completed in full before the beginning of the course via my online payment system.

About Instructor


I am Debbie and I am committed to my heart and your heart! To commit and lead from our heart in our lives offers us a life of love, understanding, peace and acceptance.

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