As1Heart Podcast – Episode 5 feat. Kelly Paardekooper

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 5 feat. Kelly Paardekooper

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Since childhood, Kelly dreamed of studying all aspects of health and healing, hoping to find its most profound truth.
Her journey started as a pharmacist, believing this to be the most easily accessible health practitioner in the community, and best placed to help as many people as possible. 

After having her first child and struggling to hold her perfectly constructed little world together, Kelly was forced inward to cope. Here she connected to her deepest truth, her intuition. 

Since embracing intuition as her guiding light, Kelly has realised her original goal of viewing health from a deeper perspective and now sees the truth is within us all. 

Kelly supports clients along their illness/wellness journey. As an intuitive health guide, using her unique combination of medical intuition and health transition doula, she guides clients to see the gift in their human experience. 

Kelly’s much anticipated book to be released in August is called Spiritual Being Human.

This conversation is authentic and real as we delve into the real-life messiness of intuition. What it means and how we can invite in trust and surrender to begin to live and breathe with our intuition.

Together we explore what intuition means to us, how we incorporate it into our real-life adventures and where the thread of our intuition leads us.

This conversation gifted me with a sense of acceptance and peace as I am reminded that the humanness of my life is just as important as the spiritualness of me!

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“This podcast is a safe place where we come together as one to share, grow and learn with one another. Here we enter our heart-space together in love, truth and acceptance for all!”





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