As1Heart Podcast – Episode 6 feat. Tosca Dee

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 6 feat. Tosca Dee

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Tosca Dee ignites women to reclaim their joyful passion to say YES to a magical and radiant life beyond the stories of self-doubt, limitation, and self-worth. To truly honour their personal power and voice to speak their truth.

Our greatest currency is not our wealth but our personal power!

In the work that she does with women, she leads them to reclaim their passion, power, and purpose.

This is through meeting themselves in the fear beliefs and recognising their limiting behaviours of sabotage and how these impacts on their joy, passion and truly owning their life.

When women say YES to all of themselves and reclaim their joy, power and passion, life becomes magic.

This is where the journey starts!

Over Tosca’s years, she has been honoured to witness the power of women owning their passion and power to make big changes. These changes include leaving unhappy work environments, creating dream businesses, and finding courage to make hard decisions to align their heart, mind and spirit.

This is what gets her so wildly excited!

Tosca is an intuitive Intelligence teacher and trainer combined with experience in yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and transformative counselling. She is a unique therapist as she uses archetypes, intuition, guided visualisation, and deep embodiment practices that support the body, mind, and spirit.

This joyful conversation with Tosca filled my heart with joy. Together we explored what joy is, what is means in our everyday lives and how we can craft a life filled with joy more and more. Leaning into our personal choices that we make in every moment to live a life filled with joy.

Tosca even shares with us a few personal tips that she uses in her everyday life to create her joy-filled life. Including the 3 C’s….context (what is happening right now), choice (to take a moment to make the choice for joy) and connection (to ourselves and our bodies in this moment).

Mmmm….the result is pure joy!

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“This podcast is a safe place where we come together as one to share, grow and learn with one another. Here we enter our heart-space together in love, truth and acceptance for all!”





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