Forgiveness Video

Hi, welcome everybody,

Welcome to this short little video, this moment with forgiveness.

Forgiveness has been on my mind a lot this week as we delved into it in the Intuitive Meditation Teacher Training, so it’s been on my mind a lot, as most weeks it is.

I wanted to share with you today a paragraph from the Teacher Training notes.

Here in the course notes I write…

Marianne Williamson also reminds us that “our greatest power to change the world is to change your mind about the world”. We have the power to change our thoughts and understanding of the world around us from a space of bitterness and resentment to a space of acceptance and understanding. This power lives within us, not in what someone, or something, or some event has done to us. This helps us to let go of the victim mentality that life has happened to us, rather than life is serving us.

This is really important as we begin to lean into the practice of forgiveness, understanding that life is always serving us. Nothing has ever gone wrong.

It takes a certain level of courage and commitment to see life from these eyes, through the eyes of your heart, which I speak a lot about in the teacher training.

Courage lives within our heart space, and the Latin meaning of the word courage is core, which translates to heart. Meaning that space of your heart. Courage is not so much about something that you do outside of yourself, it’s actually letting go of the outside world and beginning to listen with the eyes and ears of your heart. Each day moving forward from that space of love, acceptance and gratitude.

Forgiveness is not something that you do once and you let go of, forget all about and you’re fixed, healed and have moved forward. It is a practice that you need to take, a practice that you need to commit to, and every day show up to a space of forgiveness is really important.

This forgiveness practice that I am sharing, is not about forgiving someone because you are the better person, or because you want to show that you’re doing the right thing, it really is so much deeper. Seeing forgiveness through the eyes of courage and your heart will create a pivotal change in forgiveness as you begin to let it all go, all of the expectations around what forgiveness should look like, and just begin to show up in love.

One of my favourite ways to do this is to actually send love to the person, or to the event, or to the thing, whomever I am in the practice of forgiving. When you send love you let go of that need for it to be, or for the expectation of the story, or the drama, or the words, or the illusion of whatever you have perceived to have gone wrong. Here you remember nothing has ever gone wrong and that our greatest power as Marianne Williamson reminds us that we have the power to change reality around us, just simply by changing our perception of the world through the eyes of love.

What do you choose…to see life through the eyes of bitterness and resentment and anger, or seeing life through the eyes of love, acceptance and gratitude. This simple and easily allows your rainbows of possibilities to begin to form.

This is my favourite forgiveness practice to send the person or the event love, just pure unconditional love, sending them blessings and love. It is a beautiful way to begin to start your forgiveness practice.

Sometimes when you begin this practice you may find yourself in the ‘victim’ mentality where something has gone wrong, or somebody has said something or done something wrong. Here it is often hard to send that love because we want to stay in the story because in the story we are safe, we have comfort in the story because we’re justified to be there. Yet when we begin to really see and find that courage within our heart space we can begin to send love, we can begin to feel love, we can begin to allow love to lead us.

When I talk about love, it is that space of our true nature, our true nature of unconditional love where we are accepting and not expecting anything in return, just simply pure unconditional love.

Maybe if you would like to explore this further, you might like to sit for a moment now and just close down your eyes and bring to mind someone, or an event, or something in your life that you feel unforgiveness towards or bitterness, where you feel you’re stuck in the story. Now just close down your eyes and spend a moment to send this person, event or thing bubbles of love and blessings.

Thank you everybody for sharing this with me.

With rainbows of love



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