Where does POWER show up in your life?

Where does POWER show up in your life?

Where does POWER show up in your life

Hi Beautiful Hearts, I feel compelled to share with you today my thoughts about power.

Power – What does power mean to you? Where does it show up in your life? Where does it live in your body? What is your experience of power?

It is interesting to see this pull and push of power. I can feel it within my body, in my life, and with stuff that’s going on outside of me.

This morning in my journaling time I reminded myself, I remembered that it is always a reflection of what is happening within me! This power and what I perceive of power in my life, is just how I am feeling within myself. Where I don’t feel safe, where I feel out of control or where I feel disempowered.

When we break it down and get out of the stories, our justifications and things that we tell ourselves. We begin to see the true nature, the rawness of what is going on, going on within us. We take a breath in this moment to sit within ourselves, to sit within the silence and the stillness away from the words and the stories, our truth will begin to bubble up.

We first need to explore this within ourselves, because our external world is only giving us prompts and reminders to return back to our own heart, to our own wisdom, and begin to see what this external thing, person, or lack of control, or power play that we have outside of us is really activating within us. Is it fear, fear of not wanting to step into your power?  Is it a lack of self-esteem that we don’t feel worthy of the power?

I invite you to begin to let go of all of these things outside of you, all the stories where you place your emphasis and importance on. Slow it down and find some stillness. A stillness within you to begin to explore the truth of what is being activated within you.

Let’s do a practice of this together now.


So, when you’re ready simply close down your eyes and take a breath, a full deep breath and let it out with the sigh,
And another breath, letting it out with a sigh,
Just begin to arrive here in this moment,
There may be words, thoughts, stories that are still floating around,
Just press pause for a moment on these as you feel into your breath,
Take this breath into your heart space within,
Taking this moment to feel into your own love, your own compassion.

Spend an extra moment here immersing yourself in your own love, your own compassion, like you’re almost painting this on, painting your heart space with your love, your compassion.

What would your paint be today?
What does your love and compassion feel like today?

I invite you to explore and look from this feeling space at the situation, thing or person that you might be struggling with.


What do you see when you look at this through your heart of love and compassion?


Maybe even asking yourself how you can honour your love, your compassion, in this situation.


Together let’s repeat these words after me,
I am love,
I am love,
I am love,
I am compassion,
I am compassion,
I am compassion.

Now take this moment to complete this little meditation however you feel that you need to.


When you feel this is complete take in another one of those full deep breaths and letting it go,
And another deep breath, to arrive back here fully,
Opening your eyes when you are ready.


Welcome back.


I am love,
I am compassion.
How do you see this power play now after you moment within?
How do you see it maybe differently?
What wisdom do you now know that you can bring into your life?


With a moment to explore power through compassion, through love.


We come back to ourselves as we remember, we remember that the outside is just a reflection of what we are feeling and experiencing within ourselves.  It is in moments like these, in little meditations where we explore, what it actually is that’s going on within us, where our truth lives. The truth doesn’t live in the outside stories as you wait for someone or something to change.


It lives within the power of your heart, the power of your love, and the power of your compassion.


Thank you for listening and for sharing this with me. I know I needed to hear this just as much as I needed to share it, so thank you.




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