As1Heart Podcast – Episode 1 feat. Karen Humphries

As1Heart Podcast – Episode 1 feat. Karen Humphries


Karen Humphries is a shining light within the world of Kinesiology. She is a self-proclaimed Kinesiology Ambassador and encourages us all to take on the same title. As a Kinesiology Ambassador we unite together, to support and encourage one another.

Karen runs a Gippsland based Kinesiology practice seeing clients online and within her clinic. She runs workshops and webinars to initiate and drive positive change primarily within the wider world of Kinesiology (and other complimentary alternative medicine fields such as massage, bowen, reiki and meditation). She offers ‘facilitated change’ workshops for various corporate clients and groups. Karen also runs annual Mastermind Programs for ‘new and evolving’ practitioners wishing to establish a solid business foundation from which to launch their dream business.

Karen utilises knowledge from her environmental science and auditing experience, and holds additional qualifications in Wellness Coaching, Kinesiology, Neuro-Training, Massage, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Shiatsu, LEAP, NES Health, Workplace and Mental Health First Aid and trauma support.

In this interview Karen shares with us how she holds sacred space for her clients (and herself!). She shares her wisdom on everyday struggles that we Kinesiologists have; including making money, work/life balance, riding the rollercoaster of our business (and life), how to run a heart-centred business and dealing with our doubts.

Her wish for our Kinesiology Profession is to hold faith in the professional associations, like AKA (Australian Kinesiology Association) and AIK (Australian Institute of Kinesiologists). She explains that these bodies are the rock and base of our profession as they work tirelessly to support us and continue to further develop Kinesiology in the wider community. Together we are a united front!

Thank you Karen for coming on the As1Kinesiology Podcast, it was an honour to chat with you.

Enjoy the podcast our fellow Kinesiology Ambassadors.

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“This podcast is a safe place where we come together as one to share, grow and learn with one another. Here we enter our heart-space together in love, truth and acceptance for all!”





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